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Private Consultations  with Vannette
Private Consultations  with Vannette

Get your health, vitality and life back on track!

Are you looking for answers to some important health questions?

  • Does something in your life feel out of balance?
  • Is your health and vitality not what you would like it to be?
  • Are you having pain or discomfort that is defying a diagnosis? 
  • Are you at a loss for answers and maybe you don't even know what to ask anymore? 

Is it the time in your life to find a new life path?

Is it time to reconnect with loving your-self and your life?

Holistic healing from Vannette

Health Concerns & Specialties

As a medical intuitive, Vannette has successfully worked with a broad spectrum of health concerns for clients of all ages, all over the world. With her medical intuitive gifting, combined with her depth of health experience and her holistic approach, she can help you find answers and solutions to a broad spectrum of health concerns. Vannette has specialized expertise and experience in the following health areas:

 Click on each health area below to learn more about how Vannette may help you.

Building Immunity
Pain Relief
Thyroid Care
Allergies & Sensitivities
Infections: Lyme, Herpes,...
Digestion & Elimination
Emotional Balance
health and vitality
Resolving Sleep Issues
Women's Health
Men's Health
Babies & Children
Other: MS, Diabetes, Heart...

Healing with Vannette

One-to-one health consultations with Vannette are designed to give to you and guide you to new insights, and hopeful answers to your questions. You will be shown how you can create optimal conditions for the healing of your body, mind and spirit. 

In Vannette's private, medical intuitive consultations, you can receive:

  • Holistic health assessments that look at your whole system — body, mind, spirit, relationships and environment. When you understand the varied aspects of the causal chain or source(s)  that are contributing to your discomfort or dis-ease, healing processes can be effectively set in motion.
  • Treatment protocols, information, recommendations and actions you can take to support your body, mind and spirit to heal. Protocols are highly individual and based on your specific health condition and your assessments. They are designed to empower you to take charge of your health and life and create an optimal environment for self healing and self-care.
  • In-person or at-distance energy healing to balance, support and heal dis-ease at every level of your system. 
  • Life coaching and intuitive counseling to support your ongoing health and life changes.
  • Other healing therapies and treatment sessions (Only available for in-person sessions at Vannette's office)

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If this is your first time working with Vannette, we recommend you start with a 45-minute Introduction Session (phone only). Contact us to arrange an appointment.

Existing Clients

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Get your health, vitality and life back on track!

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