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Health Education & Information
Health Education & Information

Education is at the Heart of Healing

The body can heal naturally when your mind is calm and in harmony with health.

The distress of being ill is unforgettable. We have all had this experience directly or have watched a loved-one suffer. Such an experience can be made worse yet when there are debilitating symptoms or a confirmed diagnosis of disease.  It is essential in times like these to have hope. Knowing that there is something tangible that we can do, can make all the difference! 

Education brings understanding and self-empowerment.  By adding in personally pertinent and effective action, any illness can become a learning experience which can lead to greater understanding of ways to both heal and prevent disease. The alignment of the body, mind and spirit is key.

Awareness, information, education and compassionate care are core to working with Vannette. We are passionate about bringing our clients the information, knowledge, mindset and tools to support your health and vitality. We care.

Education for Health & Vitality

Learning and Healing with Vannette

There are several ways that you can engage with Vannette to get informed and take personal responsibility for your health and vitality — body, mind and spirit:  

  1. Subscribe to our newsletters and receive a gift eBook — "Detox & Rejuvenate- Healing Cleanses to Support Body Health & Vitality." In our newsletters you will receive regular tips, hints, tools and information on how to harmonize and heal your body, mind and spirit. You'll also get informed about our upcoming courses and events that are designed to help you integrate change and new health strategies.
  2. Become a member of our community. (Coming Soon!) By becoming a member of our community, you will receive additional information, tips and tools to optimize health.
  3. Register for a group course, workshop or retreat. In Vannette's events and programs, you will learn and integrate vital health information about creating the optimum environment for your body to heal naturally. Learn about nutrition, supplements, cleansing, and how to harmonize the body, mind and spirit.
  4. Book a private consultation. Vannette has been working for years supporting clients step-by-step in their healing journey. In customized private consultations, you will receive education, support and protocols to address your specific healing needs. This program is highly recommended if you have an urgent health issue, but because of its highly individualized nature, availability is limited. Contact Vannette for availability.
Holistic health and balance

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