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Nutrition, Supplements & Homeopathics


Nurturing the Body, Mind and Spirit

To support healing at the physical level, one needs access to good nutrition, as well as the capacity to properly absorb the vital nutrients that feed our cells, organs and body processes. Toxins and other destructive factors that we face daily deplete our energy, block absorption of essential nutrients and can even poison us. Among these destructive factors are free radicals, viruses, bacteria, mycoplasma, parasites and toxic elements in our environment.

Our capacity to heal is also influenced by our non-physical environment including the love or stress that comes from our relationships, our work, our thoughts and our emotional outlook on life. For optimal healing to take place, the whole system (body, mind and spirit) needs to be considered.

In working and healing with Vannette, you'll learn to take care of and nurture every level of your body-mind-spirit life experience, beginning with the priorities that require the most attention. You'll discover balanced, holistic approaches that cleanse toxicity, feed your body, expand your vitality, and nourish your mind and spirit. 

Feeding the Body, Mind and Soul

Feeding the body: Using her experience and Medical Intuitive insight, Vannette carefully selects quality foods, nutritional supplements and homeopathic products that are physically and energetically balanced to provide the greatest potency and healing efficacy. However, each person is also unique in their needs, so in private consultations, Vannette also takes care to match the right products and combination of products to you. The result is a potent protocol to support your unique nutritional needs in restoring your health and vitality.

Feeding the mind and soul: In healing, you must also take care of your emotional well-being, your beliefs and your thoughts. Are your emotions and your thoughts life nourishing or life depleting? In learning and healing with Vannette, care will be taken to help you build your life energy by identifying thoughts, beliefs and activities that expand your hope, possibility, zest and love for life. How could you better feed your mind and nourish your soul?

Cleansing the Body, Mind and Soul

Cleansing the body: At the core of Vannette's healing programs is cleansing. In today's environment, there are more toxins and chemicals present than ever before in our history. The human body, while miraculous in its abilities, has not yet adapted to releasing these new toxins, so it needs special care and attention to remain healthy.  Culturally, we have also lost many of the cleansing traditions of our ancestors.

In Vannette's private consultations and educational programs, special attention is always given to aiding your body in cleansing toxins and stopping the consumption of foods that deplete your energy or aggravate your system. Vannette supplies a variety of cleansing foods, supplements and homeopathics.

Cleansing the mind and soul: How many toxic thoughts and beliefs run through your mind? What emotional baggage and trauma from the past are you still carrying with you? What is your soul wanting you to forgive and let go of? Vannette's programs and intutive insight can help you identify and release dis-ease at its source — the mind. In freeing your mind, you free your body to heal naturally and your spirit for life to sore! 

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