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Thyroid Care Program - Overcome Your Thyroid Symptoms

The Thyroid Care Program is about supporting you in Self Care, Change and Choice

We can make the most of all the elements that have impact on us, including from our universe, the planet, technology, society, community, and our self-perceptions. We can choose to have a much better experience in this life. No matter how tired, weak, ill, discouraged, or anxious you may feel, there are simple, effective steps you can take. By taking even one small step in your commitment to self-care, you will begin traveling a path that is sure to lead you to much more health, vitality, and happiness. 

Care: Equate care to love. Loving yourself involves taking care of your thyroid so that you can attain the optimal health and vitality you totally deserve.

Change: While it can feel challenging — overwhelming at times — and cause a sense of losing control, there is nothing we can do to stop change. The thyroid gland reacts to change. It is up to us to embrace change to care for our thyroid gland. The “pressures” from change — the opportunities to grow — have dictated the course of biological life through the evolution from bacteria, to single cells, to communities of cells, to multi-cellular plants and animals, to perhaps the most complex, magnificent organism on the planet today: the human body. Now, the pressures of change are calling humanity to grow and expand again. We are all a part of this magnificence. We can participate in the opportunities that are being presented to us by making wise choices.

Choice: Our power lies in acceptance. We can choose to resist change, but that choice is like swimming upstream. Resistance in itself is exhausting, makes us ill and stresses our thyroid in addition to all parts of the body, mind, and spirit. In our repertoire of strategies of resistance, we can always choose to grab onto rocks while being swept downstream in a river. However, if we hang onto rocks, we are sure to miss out on the newness of what is downstream. Amazing events await us and carry us forward, as long as we agree to let go. In this emerging world, it is downstream where you will find your perfect health, abundance, freedom, and joy.

Learn 4 Essential Ingredients of Thyroid CARE

The Thyroid CARE program consists of 4 categories of self care or attention to overcome thyroid symptoms and bring you back to optimal health and vitality. Our proven system, online group programs and exclusive retreats support you every step of the way on your path back to vitality!

  1. Cleansing & Clearing
  2. Acceptance, Alignment and Movement
  3. Replenishment and Nourishment
  4. Evolution and Re-Calibration

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Essential Ellements of Thyroid Health and Balance

Thyroid CARE

Cleansing & Clearing

Thyroid CARE - Cleansing and Clearing

Lemons are one of the foods that when added to our diets in the appropriate way, assist in cleansing the body of toxins.

1. Cleansing & Clearing:

Let go and clear everything that is interfering with your thyroid health and blocking the flow of your life. Vitality is ours when we pay attention to creating the optimal environment for the body to restore its own health. This includes cleansing your physical environment and body from chemical toxins, stagnant residues, and negative microbes such as harmful viruses, bacteria, and parasites. It also includes the clearing of emotional clutter such as fear, anxiety and trauma.

In the cleansing and clearing section of the Thyroid CARE program, you will:

  • Learn simple, effective ways to cleanse your colon, and your entire body, your environment, your emotions, and your mind.
  • Be supported as you clean up and let go of all those things that cause stress, block your energy, and that you no longer have need for.
  • Get recommendations for specific cleanses with step-by-step details of procedures that can help your body to shed stored and stagnant residue, toxins and impurities.

Thyroid CARE

Acceptance, Alignment & Movement

Thyroid Care - Alignment & Movement

Mindfulness of your body, mind and spirit is key to creating conditions for healing.

2. Acceptance, Alignment, Balance & Movement:

Get up and dance, and practice acceptance, appreciation, and gratitude each and every day. Within acceptance is peace. Move your body so that it can align and balance. True acceptance is the alignment with a natural forward flow of life and always results in peace. Peace is an essential requirement for healing.

In the Acceptance & Alignment part of the Thyroid CARE program, you will learn:

  • How your life experiences are there to help you to change, grow and understand how to BE or do your life journey differently.
  • How thyroid illness is always about trauma related to the suppression of voice and personal expression and how you can heal this suppression to show up more fully in the world. 
  • Knowledge, tools and techniques that will assist you to finding peace, acceptance and understanding of your life lessons so that you can quickly heal and move forward with greater joy. 

Thyroid CARE

Replenishment & Nourishment

Food to nurture Thyroid Health

The thyroid gland needs appropriate sources of iodine which can be found in foods such as sea vegetables, fish, shellfish, and cranberries. Some other essential nutrients are selenium, B12, iron, zinc, magnesium, and vitamin E.

3. Replenishing & Nourishing:

Take action to nourish your body and your thyroid with appropriate nutrition. Your thyroid needs quality nourishment for its growth and renewal.

The thyroid gland itself is quite simple to feed. Caring for it is all about recognizing it as a single, vital presence with special, sacred energy. The thyroid has the need to consume specific nutrients, to expel waste and invaders. Good nourishment also comes in the form of love and care. Having a nourishing physical environment and personal space, along with all the best bits of community and peace are supportive to thyroid health. 

In the Replenishment & Nourishment part of the Thyroid CARE Program you will learn:

  • About food and food supplement protocols that support thyroid balance and renewal
  • Which foods are most supportive for your physiology and how to combine foods effectively 
  • How healthy self-expression in the forms of laughter, song, vocal toning and healthy communication nurture the thyroid and help bring it back into balance and vitality.
  • Knowledge, tools, and techniques to support thyroid replenishment and nourishment


Thyroid CARE

Evolution & Re-Calibration

Thyroid Care

Humanity is at the cusp of a great transformation. Discover and embrace your part and purpose in this human expansion. The future is an open door that is inviting you into a new way of BEing on earth!

4. Evolution & Re-calibration:

Embrace your opportunities to re-calibrate, grow, transform and evolve. Life is inviting you into a renewed way of BEing in the world. Surrender.

The epidemic of thyroid gland dysfunction is symbolic of the dark night before the dawn. It is symbolic of us collectively trying to find our voice and pressure for us to evolve to the next step in our human evolution. We are being encouraged to find a new voice of compassion and love. By joining together in the harmony of this vibrant new voice, we will undeniably unite our talents, gifts, passions, and purposes to collaborate and co-create a renaissance in human connection. Happy is the thyroid as a flower in full bloom!

In the Evolution and Re-Calibration part of the Thyroid CARE Program, you will learn, discover and begin to integrate:

  • How to trust the process of life and be patient for what is emerging in its flow for you.
  • How to reconnect to your authentic voice and deepen your capacity for love, compassion and conscious living.
  • How genuine connection, collaboration, and cooperation will be the key to this human evolution and how you can prepare yourself and contribute.

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