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Private Consultations  with Vannette
Private Consultations  with Vannette

Get your health, vitality and life back on track!

Are you looking for answers to some important health questions?

  • Does something in your life feel out of balance?
  • Is your health and vitality not what you would like it to be?
  • Are you having pain or discomfort that is defying a diagnosis? 
  • Are you at a loss for answers and maybe you don't even know what to ask anymore? 

Is it the time in your life to find a new life path?

Is it time to reconnect with loving your-self and your life?

Holistic healing from Vannette

Health Concerns & Specialties

As a medical intuitive, Vannette has successfully worked with a broad spectrum of health concerns for clients of all ages, all over the world. With her medical intuitive gifting, combined with her depth of health experience and her holistic approach, she can help you find answers and solutions to a broad spectrum of health concerns. Vannette has specialized expertise and experience in the following health areas:

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Health Specialties
  • Building Immunity

    Is your immune system healthy?

    Discover how to prevent, heal, or reduce the symptoms of colds, flu, pneumonia, and upset caused by viruses and bacteria.

    Building and maintaining immunity is vital to sustaining your health and vitality. Vannette can help you correct immune deficiencies, recover from infections and prevent future illness with a healthy immune system.

  • Pain Relief

    Do you have pain?

    Vannette works with all kinds of pain including body & joint aches, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, headaches, migraines, accident recovery, and chronic discomfort.

    If you have pain, you know how it can get you down and suck the enjoyment-of-life out of you. Using pharmaceutical pain killers, while they can be helpful in reducing symptoms of discomfort, they are known to have side effects, with the potential for dependency.

    Vannette can help you heal pain at its source and/or help you manage and relieve pain using healthy alternatives to drugs.


  • Thyroid Care

    Do you have unhealthy thyroid symptoms?

    In working privately with Vannette and through her Thyroid Care Program, you can overcome thyroid symptoms such as hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism and goiter.

    A dysfunctional thyroid can be a significant contributor to the manifestation of almost any malfunction in the body system. For optimal health, therefore, care and attention to thyroid function is essential! In private consultations, Vannette provides a customized, holistic approach to thyroid care and healing, working with your unique circumstances.


  • Allergies & Sensitivities

    Do you have allergies or other sensitivities that affect your health?

    Vannette has had success in helping hundreds of clients eliminate or reduce allergic reactions including breathing problems, skin conditions (eczema, rashes, acne, etc.), sinus issues, digestion, bowel irritations and other sensitivities. 

    Vannette's allergy testing is a deep investigation of what is both agreeable and what is especially not agreeable to your body.  You'll receive lists of foods, additives to foods and details of environmental factors that are causing reactions or limitations. 

  • Infections: Lyme, Herpes,...

    Do you have an infection that is causing difficulty?

    Some infections, such as Lyme disease or herpes, can be difficult to heal or their symptoms, if not effectively managed, can have a devastating impact on lives. Certain infections can be difficult to diagnose or the symptoms get misdiagnosed as another illness.

    Vannette has helped hundreds of clients heal or effectively manage the symptoms of serious infections from viruses, bacteria and parasites. She will help you get to the root cause of your symptoms and give you strategies to eliminate or effectively manage them. In addition, she can show you ways to strengthen your immune system so that you are naturally resistant to further infections. 

  • Digestion & Elimination

    Do you have digestion issues or elimination problems?

    A healthy digestive system is essential for health and vitality. You need to be able to efficiently absorb essential nutrients and effectively eliminate waste and toxins.

    Vannette can help you with conditions or issues such as constipation, diarrhea, stomach pain, heart burn, gall stones, Celiac Disease, Diverticulitis, Crohn's Disease, Ileitis, Colitis, hemorrhoids, Irritable Bowl Syndrome, weight gain and weight loss.

  • Emotional Balance

    Are your strong emotional upsets knocking you off balance?

    Vannette works holistically to help you become emotionally fit; healing the imbalance at the source. She has experience in working with depression, anxiety, stress, panic attacks, trauma, confusion, or your ability focus or learn.

    The source and solutions for emotional imbalance can be found at any or all levels of your experience including the body, mind, spirit or environment. Vannette will give you information and tools to manage, balance and release unhealthy emotions as well as ways to expand your bliss.


Optimize health & vitality with Vannette
Health Specialties - 2
  • Resolving Sleep Issues

    Do you have issues with your sleep or sleep patterns?

    Not getting adequate sleep or good quality sleep can have far-reaching impact on your health and vitality. Sleep issues can affect your immune system, mental capacity, emotional balance, relationships, and energy level. 

    Vannette has helped thousands of people resolve sleep issues including insomnia, interrupted sleep patterns, the inability to fall asleep, difficulties in waking up and disturbing dreams. 

  • Exhaustion

    Do you feel chronic exhaustion or burn-out?

    Exhaustion can come from a wide range of physical sources including imbalances in the endocrine system, thyroid function, digestion, or disease. Iron deficiencies and incomplete mineral assimilation are common contributors to exhaustion. Additional contributors can include excess stress, fear, anxiety, trauma, and overwhelm.

    Vannette can help you get your system back in balance to bring back the zest and vitality you desire. She will work holistically with your body systems, emotions, mind and spirit.

  • Women's Health

    With a specialization in women's health, Vannette has helped thousands of women in resolving health and vitality concerns.

    Vannette can help you with a wide variety of concerns including hot flashes, PMS, obesity/belly fat, sleep interruption, menopause, endometriosis, libido issues, adrenal fatigue and birth control.

  • Fertility

    Are you having difficulty starting a family?

    Vannette has helped many couples resolve fertility issues that have prevented conception and has helped women with difficulties in their pregnancy. She works with all the elements of reproductive health for both men and women.

  • Men's Health

    Have a health concern of a male nature?

    Whether your concern is about erectile dysfunction, low libido (sex drive), andropause, loss of muscle mass, adrenal fatigue, prostrate issues or sleep disturbances, Vannette can help you get the information you need, insight to your questions and relief from symptoms.  

  • Babies & Children

    Do you have a baby or a child with a health concern?

    From infancy into childhood, the language deficit can make it difficult for parents to know exactly what is needed to help. With her intuitive insight, Vannette communicates at the level where pertinent information can be pragmatically applied.

    Vannette works with a broad variety of age specific upsets and illness — from jaundice, to colic, to food allergies and environmental sensitivities, to stomach-aches and learning challenges.

    Vannette loves working with children.

  • Other: MS, Diabetes, Heart...

    One of Vannette's talents is solving health questions or special concerns that no one else has been able to figure out. With her intuitive gift and experience, she has a talent for seeing a pattern of symptoms from a different perspective, finding the root cause and developing a viable protocol for lasting relief and healing.

    Other specific health concerns that Vannette can help you with, that may not have been mentioned in the other categories, are:

    Vertigo, hearing, ringing in ears, excess wax, rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, Guillain-Barr Syndrome, edema, swelling generally, MS multiple sclerosis, diabetes, cancer, hypoglycemia, specific glandular deficiencies, gout, shingles, eczema, acne, psoriasis, dermatitis, anemia, Gaucher Disease, tremors, heart arrhythmia, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, recovery from heart attack or stroke, GERD’s, halitosis (foul breath), body odor, Sjorgen’s, Fissure tumors, lumps under skin, lumps and tumors.

Healing with Vannette

One-to-one health consultations with Vannette are designed to give to you and guide you to new insights, and hopeful answers to your questions. You will be shown how you can create optimal conditions for the healing of your body, mind and spirit. 

In Vannette's private, medical intuitive consultations, you can receive:

  • Holistic health assessments that look at your whole system — body, mind, spirit, relationships and environment. When you understand the varied aspects of the causal chain or source(s)  that are contributing to your discomfort or dis-ease, healing processes can be effectively set in motion.
  • Treatment protocols, information, recommendations and actions you can take to support your body, mind and spirit to heal. Protocols are highly individual and based on your specific health condition and your assessments. They are designed to empower you to take charge of your health and life and create an optimal environment for self healing and self-care.
  • In-person or at-distance energy healing to balance, support and heal dis-ease at every level of your system. 
  • Life coaching and intuitive counseling to support your ongoing health and life changes.
  • Other healing therapies and treatment sessions (Only available for in-person sessions at Vannette's office)

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