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The Crystal Bed Therapy

The Crystal Bed uniquely combines of the power of colour therapy with the energy of a Vogel** enhanced crystal gemstone. Vannette uses the Crystal Bed in conjunction with the Amethyst Bio-Mat for an optimal relaxation and healing experience.  

Crystal bed TherapyWhat is the Crystal Bed?

The Crystal Bed is an electric light-stand apparatus that supports seven individual **vogel-cut crystals. These crystals focus gem-coloured energies specifically upon each of the seven human energy centers, that are known as the Chakras. The enhanced vibrancy given by these compatible frequencies is believed to be harmonizing to the body, mind and spirit.  

 **Vogel — a specific cut of a crystal gem.  Refers to Marcel Vogel (1917-1991), a Nobel Prize laureate.  His body of work included demonstrating that crystal formations of specific shapes & angles create coherence, amplification & conversion of energy.

How is a Crystal Bed 'Session' conducted?

The individual will lie on the therapy bed, either face up or down, with the intention of relaxing. The Crystal Bed apparatus is then placed above the body. If lying face-up, the eyes remain closed and are gently covered to ensure reduced vision and the ability to rest fully or that One can hold a neutral gaze.  

What is the duration of a session? 

According to individual requirements and preferences, Crystal Bed Therapy sessions are booked in 30-minute increments — 30, 60, or 90 min.  Optimum results occur when there is adequate time for deep relaxation and the arrival to a resting state.

What is the actual experience?  

People find the Crystal Bed to be relaxing and rejuvenating.  The experience is often described as providing a peaceful, floating kind-of loss-of-consciousness, actual sleep, or an altered state of meditative calm.  Many find it transformative. 

It is generally understood that when the subtle energies of the physical are supported to settle into a deep calming state, the innate will encourage integration of pertinent and profound healing.  

I confirm, by way of my intuitive abilities and inner vision, that the energy signature of the Crystal Bed when it is combined with the Amethyst Biomat, makes for an ideal healing tool. This equipment allows me to forward my commitment to provide my clients with natural & holistic means to creating perfect health.

The following are among the many experiences that clients have shared.   Pain relief, a lifting out of depression, removing of anxiety, increased ability to focus, clarity of thoughts to help with decision-making, enhanced creativity. 


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