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Amethyst Bio-Mat Therapy

In her Red Deer clinic, Vannette combines two powerful healing tools — the Biomat Therapy and the Crystal Bed Therapy. This treatment involves lying on the Amethyst Biomat while the Crystal Bed operates above.  This combination provides a uniquely enhanced therapy.   

What is it? 

The Biomat is a unique mattress-of-sorts that consists of 17 layers and includes baffles or channels of both amethyst crystals and black tourmaline. Connected electrically to produce a dry heat, the Biomat emits far infrared energy.  Depending on the purpose of treatment and the choices of the client, the experience can be either gently warming for a soothing relaxed experience, or can be set higher for a sauna-like effect.    

How does it work? 

With roughly 28lbs of amethyst crystals visibly nestled in the baffles of this FDA approved therapeutic mattress, this therapy works by blocking EMF and emitting 6/12 micron infrared rays and negative ions. The infrared rays penetrate 6-8 inches into the body, deeply relaxing the muscles and improving circulation. Negative ions, also known as “vitamins of the air,” are created and permeate the body, deeply relaxing the nervous system and reducing both pain and inflammation. 

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