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Group Sessions & Retreats


Group Sessions & Retreats


Learn, grow and thrive in connected community

Discover your path to health and vitality in online group sessions from the comfort of your home, or in a relaxing, retreat getaway designed for stress release, deep healing and self-expansion. There is nothing like learning in a supportive group setting, either in-person or online. From questions and interactions with other group members, your healing and learning is often integrated much faster than working alone. Friendships and supportive partnerships can also be formed to keep you accountable and on your track back to health.

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Online Group Learning and Healing with Vannette

Join Vannette from the convenience and comfort of your home in one of her interactive online programs. In these programs, Vannette will teach you proven treatments and systems to restore and revive your body's natural capacity to heal. You'll get information and tips for healthy living and opportunities to ask clarifying questions in a safe, interactive online environment. Vannette will also bring you in-the-moment intuitive information relevant to participants in the session. The recorded online programs are also supported with exercises and actions that you can do to integrate what you have learned into your life. Join an online healing program now and get your life back!  

e-learning with Vannette Keast

Healing Retreats with Vannette

There is nothing like a getaway to soothe the soul! A few times a year, Vannette creates a retreat experiences for intimate groups. In these retreats, participants have the opportunity to focus on and experience deeper healing, balance and integration for their body, mind and spirit. These exclusive retreats take place in a natural, often exotic environment which is supportive to accelerate your healing and life balance. You can also expect to make deep connections and lasting friendships. Check out our upcoming events and treat yourself to an extraordinary retreat experience now.

Natural Healing retreats

Get your health, vitality and life back on track!

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