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Appointment Types

To see a description of the types of appointments available from Vannette, click a '+' below.

Appointment Types
  • Quick Connect Q & A (20 min)

    Do you have some questions about your protocol or health program that you wish to clarify?

    Depending on your condition, the path to health renewal can be complex. More questions emerge along the way. There can a lot to remember and sometimes you just need some quick answers or clarity to take your next steps. 

    Book a $50 Quick Connect Q&A session to get answers to those simple questions that will help get you back on track.


  • In-Depth Assessment & Protocol (2 hrs)

    After you have completed your initial Intuitive Intake Session, you may wish more extensive information and have Vannette create a healing protocol for you. In this 2-hour session you will receive:

    • An in-depth assessment to identify key contributors to your condition and the areas that require priority attention. This extensive assessment considers several levels of your experience including your physical, energetic, emotional, mind, relationships, environment and Soul influences. It consists of:
      • The use of multiple specialized Bio-Resonance tools: full body scans using a minimum of two of the following modern devices: The Asyra, The Diacom or The Avatar.

      • Observation involving the practices of iridology, face & body sign reading, muscle testing, emotional and trauma-load determinations and an assessment of environmental influences.

      • Allergy & food sensitivity testing.

      • Analysis of whole foods to determine nutrition suited to your healing requirements.

      • Energy reading.

    Note: At-Distance sessions are equally effective as in-clinic sessions. 

    • Answers to any questions that arise in addition to coaching and supportive suggestions.
    • New information and insights that Vannette receives from her "Guides" and her intuitive connection.
    • An audio recording of the session to listen to and revisit.
    • A detailed written protocol (Additional Charge): This is a written document that details recommendations on how to incorporate meaningful change.  It's a recipe outline for ''what to do?” and ''when to do what?” Specifically, it includes the following:  
      • A list of the major categories of health weakness to be addressed.

      • A list of foods to avoid, and those to have instead.

      • Details of both environmental and emotional influences that are currently contributing to your health condition.

      • Details related to any physical ''cleanse'' that would be suggested.

      • A list of herbs, homeopathics, topical remedies, vitamins, minerals and supplements that are recommended to encourage regeneration and healing

      • Other recommended therapies, treatments and support packages

  • Journey Session (minimum 2 hrs)

    Journey sessions are an intuitive guidance process that is specialized, and highly personalized.  The process facilitates the retrieval of important information from higher consciousness and the innate realm.  It is also helpful in the releasing of emotional blockages and trauma. This service is a minimum of two hours booking. 

  • Wisdom One Session (minimum 2 hrs)

    The Wisdom One Process is specialized, highly personal and requires an openness and receptivity to higher consciousness and higher learning.  Ceremonial and intuitive, it is highly effective in releasing emotional blocks and trauma that is both personal and generational.  This deep healing process takes a minimum of two hours.

  • Allergy & Food Sensitivity Analysis

    Using all aspects of assessing, a set of reports is determined.  From this data, a comprehensive report is created that is very specific to you.  This written report comes complete with lists of allergies and sensitivities of food and environment. In addition, detailed information is provided on dietary suggestions that are supportive to you for your unique needs.

  • Counseling / Life Coaching

    Conversation-type via phone, Skype, Messenger or Zoom. Information provided includes past, present and future influences on current life and times.  No report is provided*

  • Energetic - Special Blessing & Home Clearing

    Ceremonial in every way, this service involves a high degress of intuition and is very specific to each case.  Fees are to include travel-time and expenses

  • Physical Body Work

    Only available in-person with Vannette. These systems created by Vannette are hands-on and combine a number of therapies that are administered to provide both pain relief and functional support.  The goal is to expedite effective whole-body healing.

         1 – MET (Muscle Energy Therapy*) - physical body alignment correction combined with energetic re-balancing and Chakra Clearing*.

         2 – Injury Recovery*- use of a circuit system that includes the Posture Med & Whole-Body Vibration.

         3 - Laser Therapy* – use of Quantum Laser c/w Probe.

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